Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pretty Little Style

Confession: I'm a little obsessed with ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars. While I would love to go into detail about all of the crazy and insane plot lines, that would take much too long (but I would totally do if you asked me to). Just read about the show here. I will tell you that PLL has it all; drama, suspense, mild comedy, romance, hot guys, blind bitches.. You name it. But what I love most about the show is how the four main characters are styled each episode. Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hannah are a bunch of fierce little liars! So, in honor of #Aday tomorrow night (the day that "A" is finally revealed!), I thought I'd give you guys a little overview of these girls' amazingly chic styles. Enjoy!

Aria: Aria can be described as the glam rock girl of the bunch. She frequents feathers, skulls, leather jackets, beanies, and a whole lot of jewel toned numbers. Aria is definitely not afraid to take risks with fashion. I mean, she is dating her ex english teacher after all! I'm personally not a fan of over accessorizing (less is more), but Aria always pulls it off.
Jacket by Alice by Temperly, dress by Free People, bag by Alexander Wang, ring by Vivienne Westwood, shoes by Modekungen, & earrings by Forever 21
Spencer: Spencer's style can be described as equestrian meets vintage. Since she is one of Rosewood High's top scholars, her tops and dresses tend to be more structured, making her style much more refined than the rest. Her accessorizing is always kept at a minimum with simple necklaces and a leather strap watch. Spencer's style just so happens to be my favorite on the show because of how timeless and classic it is.
Necklace by Dogeared, top by Dear Creatures (top is currently unavailable, but check out their other stuff!), watch by Raymond Weil, jeans by J Brand, boots by Fratelli Rosetti, & bag by Longchamp
Emily: Since Emily is an athlete (go Sharks!), her style tends is very casual with feminine elements. She is usually seen layering basic tops and pairing them with jeans or denim skirts. Although Emily's style may not be the most fashion forward in comparison to the other girls, I think we can all agree that it is very signature of her lifestyle.
Necklace by the Human Rights Campaign, sweater by Free People, jacket by Belstaff, jeans by Seven For All Mankind, & shoes by Converse
Hannah: Hannah is the trendiest of the four, and it's obvious that she is a lot more concerned with well-known brands in comparison to the others. Hannah's outfits usually consist of a short dress paired with a structured blazer and pumps. Did I mention that it was Hannah that influenced me to buy my Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. bag? Best decision of my life.
Sunglasses by Lanvin, dress by Parker, jacket by Rag & Bone, earrings by House of Harlow 1960, bag by Rebecca Minkoff, & shoes by Sam Edelman
Now that this is over with, go catch yourself up on some PLL and watch the season finale tomorrow. We'll discuss it over din, cool?

P.S. Just want to say a HUGE thank you to Kasha (see her tumblr here) for designing my banner and making it perfect just for me! You're the best!


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