Saturday, May 5, 2012

Styled: Cambridge Satchels

Call me a little narcissistic, but I swoon over anything that has my initial(s) on it. Jewelry, stationary, mugs.. Slap a G on it, and I'm all yours. So, when I saw that the HelloGiggles girls got themselves monogrammed Cambridge Satchels, I knew that my hunt for one was officially on.

The only hard part is deciding which one to get! Much like humans, these adorable, genuine leather satchels come in all sizes, shapes, and colors (unisex, too!). Ah, help me decide!

Guess who this bag belongs to! via HellogGiggles


via Of Corgis and Cocktails
via Power Animals

While they do sell these bags at Bloomingdales and multiple e-tailers in the US, it's recommended that the best place to order an embossed one would be through their website, The Cambridge Satchel Company, which ships straight from the UK. I'm down.

I'm pretty positive that I won't be getting a neon colored one any time soon because of how bi-polar the trend is. For now, I'm leaning towards cognac, navy, or red with a simple G. (for Genevieve, gorgeous, genius, great, etc.) on it. Thoughts?

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  1. Get a little red one! It will be classic and go with everything, but a little more fun than navy or cognac.