Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Santa B, Part I

I know I am constantly confessing my undying love for LA, but I have to admit that I love a good weekend getaway! Last weekend, my friends and I did just that by taking a little road trip to the picturesque Santa Barbara County.

The drive to our destination was pretty insane.. Heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. A fire even started on the hillside! Luckily, the days to follow were sunny and clear.

Our first stop on Saturday morning was the Santa Barbara Zoo. Even though I don't own any pets, I'm a sucker for animals, so I was really excited that the zoo was only .2 miles away from where we stayed. Here are my favorite creatures of the day:

But my absolute favorite were the giraffes, especially this little guy!

I even got to feed him. My heart melted!

If you're ever in Santa Barbara, definitely check out this zoo. I have to admit, it's a lot better than the LA zoo.. These animals just seem a lot happier! To be honest, I went to the LA Zoo not too long ago with a plan to post, but it was just too depressing..

Anyway, the rest of the day was spent grabbing lunch, biking along the beach, sipping on lattes, shopping, and then we went straight to bed to rest up for Sunday's events (I'm such a grandma!). Up next.. Old Mission Santa Barbara and Solvang!

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