Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Fashion Essentials, LA Edition
Winters in Los Angeles can be so deceiving. It’s raining and freezing and no one knows how to drive one day, then it’s sunny and beautiful the next. Only one word can be used to describe winters in Southern Cali: bi-polar. While most of us women complain that we’re not fashionably “prepared” for the hot and cold transitions, let’s face it: we’ve been preparing for years. Or at least I have. Anyway, here are my fashion essentials for winter (or all year?) in LA that you probably already own:

T-Shirts: Wearing your favorite t-shirt all year long is typical in LA. I prefer stripes, white, black, or any thing really soft and basic. Think of your t-shirt as your blank canvas and work around it by layering with jewelry, scarves, or even a menswear inspired button-up. Farhi by Nicole Farhi Striped Top, $140

Skinnies & Shorts: I’m guessing that 90% of female Angelenos already have a pair of both skinny jeans and denim shorts (feel free to even layer your shorts with opaque tights). Keep both of them handy for the remainder of this winter season. You won’t regret it. P.S. Stick with a dark wash, please. J Brand 651 Super Skinny Trousers, $335, MOTHER Cuffed Denim Short, $96

Boots & Loafers/Flats: Solely (pun intended) based on observation, I can tell you that most women in LA already have a pair of great leather boots (you really only need 1-2). I also recommend getting a pair of great loafers if you’re into that kind of thing. Otherwise, flats will also do. Tory Burch Leather Boots, $277, Penny Loafers, $175

Trench Coat: If you don’t already have a trench coat, get on it. A good trenchie* is classy and timeless. I prefer one that is short and lightweight. Plus, Tim Gunn recommends owning one on his list of 10 Fashion Essentials (make it work!). Uniqlo Short Trench Coat, $125

Scarves: Whether it’s your favorite McQueen skull one or your $10 knitted infinity via Target, scarves are known for adding a pop of color or pattern to any outfit. Plus, they kind of keep your neck warm. But mostly they’re cute. Jigsaw Loose Weave Woolen Scarf, $76

Sunglasses: Sunglasses, in whatever shape or form, have become an LA icon and will never go out of style. As mentioned above, the sun tends to shine during winter, so keep your sunnies on you at all times. Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses, $155

Jewelry: A simple pendant, studded earrings, a timepiece, and/or friendship bracelets are the perfect accessories to add to almost any outfit, all year long. Don't be afraid to mix, match, and layer (see Man Repeller for arm party tutorials)! MICHAEL Michael Kors Pavé Pyramid Necklace, $65, Pavé Pyramid Stud Earrings, $45, 2-Tone Chronography Watch, $250, Leather Beaded Bracelet, $45

So ladies, relax. Chances are you already have what you need for the remainder of the season. But feel free to go shopping anyway.

*Yup, I just coined this term.

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  1. MINI TRENCH... PAH-LEASE! Need you!