Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I can't say that it has ever really been my dream to be an editor or a writer for a magazine. To be honest, I only really wanted to be a Teen Vogue Intern because LC and Whitney made it look so cool. But if I had to name one person in the fashion world that I admire the most I would have to say it is Anna Wintour, the British born, Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue. 

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Sure, Anna has got it all.. Complete control over the largest fashion magazine as well as the fashion industry itself, an amazing wardrobe, BFF status with all the major fashion designers, and a permanent hall pass in which she is allowed to wear sunglasses indoors whenever she pleases. But what I love most about Anna is that she is fiercely decisive, meaning her answers range from "yes" to "no" and nothing in between. I searched frantically throughout The September Issue to find the quote about her take on decisiveness. After about twenty minutes, I found what I was looking for on her interview with David Letterman in which she states: 

Well, I'm very decisive.

Although this very statement (and concept) appears to be plain and simple, it has held so much meaning in my life, especially throughout my "soul searching" last two years of college. I've learned from Anna the importance of making solid decisions for myself and about really following through with these decisions, despite any obstacle. So uh, thanks, Anna.


  1. Lovely blog!



    1. Thank you so much! I'm actually a huge fan of yours! I stumbled upon it several months ago when I used to do blog research!