Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Office Swag

For about five months now (three months as an intern, two as a full-time employee) I have been working at a lovely little start-up located in Santa Monica, California. While I would love to disclose my work information with you, I think it's probably best that I keep it all a secret for privacy reasons. And so I don't get fired. I can tell you, however, that what we do (among other things) mixes fashion and social media, two of my most favorite things in life (see bio down below). And while our company culture can be described as California cool and laid-back, the fierceness from my fellow employees is never ending.

(1) & 2) The first time I saw Hillary walk into the office wearing these shoes, I had to stop myself from drooling. Obsessed. I'm also loving the layered necklaces. You can't just layer anything. Layering is a talent, guys. 3) I can't even begin to tell you how in love I am with Jennifer's Chanel inspired jacket layered with her multicolored button-up shirt and necklaces. Again, it's a talent. Learn it and you're set. 4) Desks can be so monotonous sometimes, so I'm glad Jennifer has her metallic green French Bulldog by her side at all times. 5) And, of course, I had to include my Día de los Muertos floral skull that I keep at mine.

These ladies (and gents!) have style for days, so stay tuned for more office swag.